Zebra Mildliner – The Best Highlighting Pen In Japan

Zebra is one of the most trusted brands for pens in Japan and they were very proud to introduce a collection of high quality Zebra Mildliner Highlighters. These pens are basically highlighters that you can use to highlight any phrase, word or sentence on your paper or on the pages of your book. Zebra Mildliner features a selection of unique colors which shows up so softly on the paper.zebra mildlinerIt comes with just the most ideal shade to capture your attention but will not overwhelm you with brightness. This product is a water-based highlighter which has been made double sided having a fine and wide tip. This set comes with five colors which include:

  • Mild blue green
  • Mild blue
  • Mild yellow
  • Mild pink
  • Mild orange

Why Choose Zebra Mildliner?

Zebra Mildliner is their latest innovation when it comes to highlighters brought to you from Zebra. When you are tired of using over-bright ordinary highlighters, you will surely love what you can get from this product that comes with a perfect option of 5 cool and warm or pastel colors. You can choose from warm five pack, cool five pack and pastel five pack.

These highlighters are designed to be dual ended markers to let you underline and highlight some finer lines. The warm five-pack contains colors such as magenta, smoke blue, brown, gold and vermillion. The cool ones contain dark blue, green, violet, red and grey. The pastel choice contains colors like orange, pink, blue, blue green and yellow. These are made available individually.zebra mildlinerTake note that mild orange, mild yellow and mild pink are brighter colors in actual but these are gentle fluorescent colors that will not be overwhelming for you to look at. Zebra Mildliner is quick-drying and it does not cause staining on the back of the paper. So what are you still waiting for? Try it now and see for yourself.