What to Know About Cogniflex

Cogniflex has been considered as the miracle supplement for tons of people, but there are those that still raise a skeptical eyebrow every time it is mentioned. For those of you who still doubt cogniflex, there’s nothing wrong with trying. The manufacturers of cogniflex has taken it upon themselves to state all the ingredients of cogniflex, the possible benefits, side effects and even a money back guarantee. We say ‘possible’ because every supplement and drug present varying effects to the users as well as the rate and duration. cogniflex-booster

What is Cogniflex?

Cogniflex is a supplement specifically manufactured to improve the user’s focus as well as increase their physical energy. It’s made in the USA and tons of people have stated the amazing effects of the supplement in their lives. It works by increasing and enhancing the flow of blood to and from our brains. By doing so, our brains receive oxygen and nutrients in a faster and better manner. Keep in mind that you should always follow the recommended dosage; even though cogniflex overdose does not present any fatal or serious health damage it still might have a side effect. People who have regularly overdosed typically experience muscle pain, nausea and headaches.why-cogniflex-is-so-effective


As with any drug or supplement out there, users need to take precaution when taking cogniflex. It’s not recommended for those who are hypersensitive to any ingredient, pregnant or lactating women, preschoolers, patients with a history of bleeding in the brain and those that have extreme renal impairment. Even those who are receiving concomitant medication that contain thyroid extracts should steer clear of the supplement. Some of the most typical side effects in these cases include excessive weight gain, nervousness, weakness and even depression.

Proper Dosage

Cogniflex works within two weeks of dosage, it is an over the counter supplement. A bottle should last a user about a month, but the recommended dosage of 3 tablets a day, every day. There are those that want to immediately feel the benefits, so they take twice the recommended amount; it can be difficult to know how much is considered an ‘overdose’ with cogniflex but keep in mind that it should not be taken by people with poor kidney functions. So can it be taken with other kinds of medication? Cogniflex is similar to other kinds of cognitive boosters, regardless if they are natural or not, the best way to truly know the answer is with a doctor’s consultation.