What Is Telephony?

Telephony basically is the kind of technology that deals with the electronic transmission of fax, voice or any kind of other information. It is used to transfer the data between two or more parties. The KH might be able to provide you with more information related to the telephony concept. People are often found to be confused between the different concepts of telephony and telecommunication. But you should totally understand that both the concepts are different. With the arrival of the internet there has also been introduced internet telephony, and it depends on the internet rather than how the traditional telephone services used to work. Now, that internet is available at a cheap cost, the rates of the international calls and services have also been brought down.

Internet Telephony

Internet telephony is basically the combination of telephone services with the internet. This service as we have mentioned earlier has become very cheap and is available for use by all.

Below mentioned are some of the main services that are now available on the internet or soon will be provided for use to people.

  1. The ability to make a normal voice call is available on the internet, and anyone is allowed to use this service. This service is easily available at the rate as low as a local call.
  2. The Internet also provides you the service to send the fax at accost that is extremely low as compared to the amount that was charged earlier for similar kind of services.
  3. The Internet also provides you the ability to send voice recordings.
  4. There are a lot of applications available on the internet that provides you with the facility to exchange text messages that too at very low cost.

KH will provide you with more information regarding this concept. You can visit the website anytime required.