Uses of Carrageenan

Carrageenan is more of a supplement or additive used in various products. It is made from specific parts of various seaweeds or red algae. It has been in use for many years which has contributed to its many uses currently. The following are some of its most popular uses.

  • Medicine

Most cough, tuberculosis, bronchitis and other intestinal medicines contain carrageenan. However, depending on its combinations and amalgamations, it can be used in many other different types of medicines. For example, the French use it in treatment of peptic ulcers as well as a bulk purgative. They change its from by subjecting it to high temperatures and adding acid.

  • Foods

Have you ever wondered how yoghurt and ice cream maintain their thickness even without refrigeration, well now you have your answer; carrageenan it is. It is commonly used by food processing factories to thicken food products. The more it is used as a thickening agent, the thicker you will find your food to be. However, only a small amount of it is enough to make something quite thick.

  • Toothpaste

Imagine that thick texture of a toothpaste; do you know how it is normally achieved? Well, it doesn’t have to be a riddle any more. Carrageenan is used in toothpaste to give it that dense luster.

  • Weight loss products

Most weight loss supplements have carrageenan as an ingredient. This is used for its capabilities of decreasing intestinal and stomach secretions. It has proven to be highly effective which has greatly influenced its popularity.

  • Other uses

Carrageenan is also commonly used as a laxative as well as an inflammation suppressant. It reduces that amount of pain and reduces swelling extremely fast. Large amounts of the product pulls water into the intestine making it suitable for people suffering from constipation.


Although carrageenan has many uses, it is also important to understand that it comes in two types, degraded and undegraded. The degraded type is the one that is fit for consumption. The other one is not.