Types Of Car Covers In The Market

Buying car covers can be a tricky idea, especially if you do not know the types available on the market. There are three types: cotton, waterproof, and water resistant. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Water Resistant Car Covers

Water resistant car covers are breathable and although it repels water from entering through, it allows air to circulate. This makes it eliminate the problem which is found in waterproof covers which allow too much moisture to build underneath. They come in different variety of fabrics to choose from depending on the level of protection you are looking for. Dings and scratches can be prevented if you use the heavier covers which will also keep the water at bay. The downside of this heavy type is, they become a nuisance if you were to use them on a daily basis. For daily use, get the lightweight, water resistant car covers.


Waterproof Car Covers

This type of car covers will keep the water out, but will also act as a sealer which keeps moisture trapped underneath. This means that, if used overnight, condensation which builds up overnight will be trapped and will eventually damage the enamel and paint of the car. It also causes the metal to rust, thus creating an irreversible problem for the car. They can only be used alongside an indoor cover which will wick away the  moisture from the surface of the car and keep the car dry all the time.

Indoor Car Covers


It refers to those covers which are used for covering the car when it is in the garage. They are made of cotton or have  a cotton blend or polyester. It normally protects the car from dents and dust build up.

Pick the best depending on your car cover needs.