Other Types Of Massively Multiplayer Online Games

If you are looking for a type of game which allows you to play with several players at a time, with little chances of you ever getting bored, as there are a lot of tweakings and modifications that can be done, then the MMOG genre is one of the best. With that said, one of the best games that you can get is mmogtop.com. A lot of these games are browser-based, and that is to make sure that even more players can have the chance at playing the game. What are some of the common mmog genres you can enter servers of? Let’s find out below.


This is a type of genre wherein there are simultaneous players were they get to play in a first-person shooter fashion. These games are done on a large-scale, and combat is team-based at times. These games usually place a larger emphasis on these player statistics, and there are not that many game bonuses that would help them to think in a tactical manner.

Turn-Based Strategy

One popular example of this one is the UltraCorps game by Steve Jackson, where there are a lot of players who get to share a conquest playing field. In this game, the turn fleets are build and then launched in order for the empire to expand. These turns are, in general, time-based, where a tick usually occurs once every 30 seconds.

Real-Time Stategy

Also known as MMORTS, this is a combination of persistent world and real-time strategy, where the players get to take on various roles which are generally figureheads, like king, general, or other strategy types. It is generally hosted by the publisher of the game, and one of the good things about this is that the players get to play in an ever-evolving world, even when they are offline.