Things To Consider In Aircon Servicing

Everyone uses air conditioners nowadays. It is with this reality that there are already a lot of aircon services that take advantage of this situation. To refrain from experience unethical and unprofessional conducts and deals coming from the many aircon services being offered today, here are the top most important things that everyone wishing to have their aircon serviced, should remember.aircon services

  1. Proper Cleaning

The first thing that you should look at during aircon servicing is that the contractor should clean your air conditioners the proper way. The proper and right chemicals should be used. One should know that there are dangerous chemicals out there, which can cause mold growth in the air conditioners’ fan coils.aircon servicesWhat contractors do is that they make the spores lose. What happens next is that the loosened spores that have molds will be easily blown around the air, and you can inhale it into your lungs.

  1. The ½ inch Drainage Pipe Rule

You should always see to it that a ½ inch drainage pipe will be used for split aircons. If they won’t follow this, then you should be more observant. An undersized drainage pipe increases the chances of choking the pipe.

  1. Know the Full Services Offered

It is always best to know the full package service the contractors offer. There are a lot of aircon contractors that offer very low prices. Beware of these, because what usually happens is that they offer low quality services.

Air conditioner brushing and vacuuming are important, but they are not enough. If not done properly, they can cause health hazards. With all of these being said, you should always keep in mind that safety is very important. Air conditioners are important in your homes, which is why you should always see to it that they are properly maintained.