Team Fortress 2: HUDs for Competitive Players

The default HUD for Valve’s popular game Team Fortress 2 is decent for lunch-break gameplay, but its unnecessary elements just make it more clunky and harder to play. For more competitive play, it is best to get an alternative HUD, allowing you to improve your awareness of the game. There are various HUDs floating around on TF2 forums, such as CommFT or ETF2L.

They are easy to install and replace whenever an update breaks them-just copy-paste the scripts and resource folders into the “tf” folder in your Steam client. Another easy to install game is Domino114 which can be played by a variety of players. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular ones:

CommHUD ( is a great starting place for newer players. Just about every part of it is better than the default – it’s cleaner, the numbers are larger, and the important elements such as the ubercharge meter are clearly shown. It is a mixture of pvhud and the old flame’s HUD, and is regularly updated every time a major update comes out. CommHUD is definitely worth having, at least over the default. Plus, it has a great tournament spectator mode.

OxideHUD ( is similar to CommHUD with minmode on, but with slightly different charge bars. The text is similar, and overall it’s a good HUD to have. The only major problem is that it has the hard-to-read default show scores screen, with kills per death not clearly displayed.

Garm3nhud (, in my opinion, seems hard to follow, as it lacks a visual indicator of the charge and health bars. Instead, it is completely text-based, displaying numbers such as 75% for uber. The font also seems too large, making it hard to read, but that can be easily changed by modifying the resource folder it comes with.

BroselHUD ( has all the HUD elements centralized, so that they aren’t scattered to the corners. While this makes it so that looking around is unnecessary, it can also make the display seem too “packed-in” and may result in difficulty with aiming. Still, it’s not a bad HUD to have.

Probably the most popular HUD out currently, PVHUD ( features easy-to-read text and clear elements. It also has an auto-updater, making it unnecessary to re-download it after every big update comes along. PVHUD is a great HUD overall, but lacking when it comes to specific parts that come down to preference.

Of course, there are other HUDs available to serious TF2 players, such as LÖÖFV’s HUD, which is completely different from anything else. And, enigma from Classic Mixup has a custom crosshair that makes TF2 feel like a completely different game. And if you’re not satisfied with any of these? Browse for more at or even make your own!