Suicide squad movie: a new thriller in Hollywood market

Hollywood industry has always been in limelight for giving its best productions in the market. The technology used, the story written, the choreography done and many more things are highly modernized and well managed. This makes the Hollywood movies more famous and popularized everywhere.

One such launch is the Suicide squad. This is a distribution done by Warner brothers. It is an upcoming movie full of super heroes and is based on the anti hero of dc comics. The director cum writer of the movie is David Ayer. The lead actors of the movie are Will Smith, Jai Courtney, Ike Barinholtz, Margot Robbie and some more.

Story of the movie

The story of suicide squad rotates around a government agency. The head of the agency is Amand. Amanda has hired some of the imprisoned super villains. They have planned o execute black ops mission which is very dangerous. They are doing this to protect the world from all the dangerous and powerful threats. It is an action cum thrill cum sci-fi movie.

Production of the movie

The development of the film started in year 2009 when Warner brothers decided to develop it. In the year 2014, Ayer signed up for the movie and began the writing and direction of the movie. The filming of the movie were done in Toronto, Canada, Chicago, Ontario and Illinois and finally ended in august 2015.

Now, it is scheduled that the premiere of suicide squad will be held on 1st August 2016 in New York. It will be released in theatres on 5th of August, 2016. It will be available in 2D and 3D formats.

The film will be full of the villains and the bad people who have always been seen as the enemies of the super heroes of the comic. Along with them, there will be some new DC cartoon characters that will be appearing with their debut. Ezra Miller is the fame of the whole movie and has been credited with the title of ‘the flash’.

Taglines of the movie

Every movie has some famous taglines through which the movie always remains in the heart and mind of people. The famous taglines of suicide squad are:

  1. Worst heroes ever
  2. Justice always has a bad side
  3. In squad we have whole sole trust
  4. We need them badly
  5. Good night

The movie is developed with full animation scenes which are really thrilling and enjoy full. Amazing 2d and 3d effects are being used in the movie due to which it has high dimensional effects as well.

The movie is full with thrills and suspense with a spicy combination of action. So, go for once at least to watch the movie and you will wish to watch it again. Watching it in the there will fill you with the same action and you will feel comic characters all around you. You can also enjoy by suicide squad watch online after few days of its release.