What is SEO Writing? Torino SEO

These days, it is difficult to mention Internet marketing without mentioning SEO. That is because SEO is responsible for the online assent of many businesses. SEO writing is the process of using various SEO techniques,including writing to affect the visibility of a website or webpage on the search engine results. The result of search engine optimization is a boost in traffic and web ranking.seo-toronto

Types of SEO writing

White hat SEO: These are the recommended and approved search engine optimization guidelines that call for:cross linking, using of relevant tags, keywords, headlines, and quality content to increase web ranking in search engine results. The process is usually slow but highly beneficial in creating right and long term results.

Black Hat SEO:is the use of illegal SEO strategies likes: spamdexing, blog stuffing, raid links, doorway pages, link farms to rank high on search engine results. The people who are involved in Backchat SEO are interested in quick financial returns rather than making long term investments. A common example used for Black hat SEO is BMW and Ricoh who in 2006 were penalized for using deceptive SEO techniques.

Grey Hat SEO: is a blend of black and white hat SEO techniques to affect search engine results. Grey hat SEO avoids SEO methods to avoid the webpage/ website from being penalized. It employs techniques such as article spinning, buying old domains and many more.Aside from the Back, white and grey SEO techniques, there is one common term that you should be aware of:

Key words:are phrases used by web users when searching for information on the web. Most search engine optimisation write content with relevant keywords to ensure that online users see their article once they key in the keyword.


When looking for a good Toronto SEO writer, ensure that you look for one that is:skilled, passionate, experienced, and adheres to Whitehat SEO techniques as the latter technique tend to have far reaching results.