Potty Train Your Dog With Simple Steps

Potty training is one of the crucial steps in raising a dog or a puppy.A good potty training technique facilitates a happy physical and mental environment for the puppy and dog. Thus,potty training can be made easy by applying some simple practices, where the owner needs to take the initial step with confidence.

  • Easy Ideas for dog owners

When a dog is ready to work on eliminating its waste, It is necessary to create a good environment that helps the dog to work on the same. Not only the environment, but the dog owner also has to ensure the following –

Maintaining proper time chart for feeding with a necessary time gap between one meal and the other. One has to ensure that dog is loaded with food rich in nutrients and fibre. This helps the dog to eliminate waste on a regular basis.

It is essential to note the time when the dog is ready for the process, It should be taken outside for its excretion. In the same way, the owner has to take the dog outside for every thirty minutes to avoid any interruption and misplacement of the waste.

It is advisable to take the puppy to the same spot every day so that it feels comfortable for excretion

It is necessary to stay outside with the puppy or dog until it is completely trained for the process

One has to reward the puppy with a small appreciation or gift when it completes its excretion process successfully outside.

  • Puppy pads and their use

Puppy pads for puppies are specially designed for the protection of urine leakage of the puppy. One has the desire to take the puppy to any place and some people like to have a long journey with puppy. In such cases, one can purchase bulk puppy pads,since it gives great protection against urine leakage.