POKEMON GO – a game becoming the cult’s obsession

A global phenomenon! It is not often when a strong term like this is used to descried a game but then POKEMON GO knows no stereotypes. Game has become an obsession, an addiction. The youth is going crazy over the game ever since its release. The game has proved a tornado in the video game industry with almost everyone talking about it. Breaking all the records, Pokémon Go has emerged out as the most downloaded and record played game in the video game history. No game is known to receive the grand success this game has obtained. The popularity can be easily estimated by knowing that within a week of its release #PoGo has become the most trending feed on all the social media platforms. Population went crazy and within hours’ millions have uploaded their #PoGo statuses. After a very long time, a craze like this for a game has been witnessed.

Pokémon Go well deserves the reputation it is gaining. The game is extraordinary with the groundbreaking concept. Game is launched by the Niantic, and is developed for the iOS and android platforms. It is a free of cost play which can be played in both single- player and multi-player modes. It is a location based game designed in the augmented reality (AR) genre. The game has earned the critics opinions all across the globe for its unique approach. The publishers planned to launch the game first in the few selected countries only. Now, looking at the overwhelming response from the gaming-lunatics, Pokémon Go is in the process to be launched in few more countries and expectations are high that the game will soon reach every corner of the world.

Ever since its launch, Pokémon Go has attracted the mixed reviews. With almost everyone praising the physical movement introduced through the game, others are critical of the technical issues which are frequent and deter the game play. Physical motion which is an essential aspect of the game has added stars to the ratings of Pokémon Go. The avatars of the players, move in the game as the player himself moves in the real world, this feature is supported by the maps in the phone. In order to catch the Pokémon, player must go to the centers and locations where a certain kind Pokémon is likely to be found. This sometimes is reported as the cause of chaos when at certain PokéStops and Gyms, a large number of players gather together to catch Pokémon. This is one point where the game has become the matter of concern for the authorities.

All and all, Pokémon Go has created ripples in the video game market. With the lead of the Pokémon Go, gamers are eagerly waiting for the next big thing in the Augmented Reality genre. The world is talking about the Pokémon and if you are the one missing out the fun, then Get Up! This is the time, may be a Pikachu is hiding in your garden waiting for you to catch it.