Movietube App: Good Or Bad?

Apple has recently approved the App that hosts pirated High-Definition movies into its app store. In no time has this app shot up to the top No.1 spot as one of the top free apps available right now. Even though the app got its approval from the claim that the movies on the app where taken directly from Youtube, it is obvious that most of the movies are taken from illegal sources and pirated torrents. Maybe their claim about movies on their app being from Youtube, is what got them their approval signed. Nevertheless, people seem to love the free movie app, where one can easily watch movies from their directory in 720p graphics uninterrupted.

The app is extremely user-friendly  allowing to user to select a genre in which they wish to watch movie. The app hosts a lot of the latest blockbusters such as Frozen, White House Down, Delivery Man and Anchorman 2, etc. The ease of the app is one of the factors that attracted such a large audience. One can just think of a movie and search or just go into the genre and search for a suitable movie to watch. Within 5 mins you are watching a 720p movie without any breaks. The only downside is the ads that pop up during the movie. This interruption can be removed by making a payment of only £0.69 which seems highly reasonable. People have embraced this app as  one of the best and it has been credited as the best free app to date.

The app’s search engine does initially enlist YouTube, but the browse mode randomly pulls in pirated movies into a never-ending list which can only be filtered by the New and Popular tabs. So either they are have purposefully made a false claim or they have a grand scheme in place. As of now the app is doing extremely well for itself topping itself on apple charts. Unsurprisingly this massive treasure trove of free pirated content and so called Youtube downloads have attracted rave reviews from users with only a select few questioning the morality of the software. “This is such an illegal app I don’t know why it’s not taken down (but I love it)” from Shany12 sums up the general attitude to the app. For people that use websites like kickasstorrents and utorrentz to download pirated torrents then App is your go to app.

The reviews received from the general audience for the app however has been very stark in contrast to its technical reviews. People have said that the movie sometimes fails to load and some of the latest movies are actual cam prints. Cam prints are by definition a movie recorded on a video camera by a person watching the movie in a theater. It is of very low quality and in my opinion not worth watching. But most people are unified when asked about the validity of the app. They had a common opinion that since the movies on the app are pirated the app would most probably be taken down within the next 2-3 months. But nothing has been clarified by Apple yet so fingers crossed. People that had a busy schedule highly recommended this app since they do not have the time to watch the movie in the theater or watch at home on a regular basis, they opted to watch the movies in their office using App. This app already has multiple issues such as breaks in the movies and failure to load the application in some particular Iphones. Even with all of these issues, roughly 65% of its users would recommend it for others to use.

In my opinion, you should try this app for yourself . If you are a person that downloads torrents and have no issue with pirated content this is definitely an app that you will like. It is also perfect for people that wish to see the latest blockbusters, but do not have the time to view in the cinemas. Overall this is definitely  worthwhile app currently being used by over quite a lot of people. The validity on this app however is short due to piracy laws. So try to use it before it gets taken down. Enjoy.