Marquee And Weddings – What You Should Know

Marquee weddings are simply glamorous and exotic; however a lot of work goes into planning, probably more than having your wedding in an existing structure. Having to build your own wedding venue from its very foundation is never an easy task but it is always a million times worth it.

So how do people do it? How do they pull off such magnificent weddings under a complex structure such as a marquee? Here are the first advantages you get by deciding to use a marquee to plan your wedding;

Improved creativity

it allows you to explore design options and be creative with every nook and cranny of the structure. If you intend to have an evening reception you can flood the structure with lights, laser lights and every other form of aesthetics that you can think of.

Plan your space

you can easily pick the best and most strategic space to set-up. You can move your marquee closer to flowers, free ground space or anywhere that catches your fancy. As for internal spacing, this has to do with sitting arrangements as well as creating passage ways and dance floors or stages for performance inside the marquee set-up.


marquees are excellent shelters against weather conditions such as rain and the likes. You are sure that your guests will remain dry for the rest of the occasion. It also keeps sun rays at bay and any other external nuisance.

The size of your marquee, for those who intend to hire or buy marquee, will depend on a few factors such as the number of guests you are expecting, the space available for set-up, and the sitting arrangement or style of the event. These factors can enable you plan your space in order to minimize budget for those who prefer to rent smaller marquees rather than the larger ones.