How To Learn English With Online Interactive Games

Interactive English Learning Games are a great way to have fun while learning English. They are also highly effective. A comprehensive 2000 study led Dr. Kuang-Wu Lee of Hsuan Chauang University in Taiwan to conclude that computer-mediated communication has drastically changed the ability to use computers for language learning. The proliferation of hundreds of websites offering Interactive English Learning Games has now made it possible for everyone to learn English—for free.

Adventure Games

A number of English language websites offer exciting adventure games geared toward teaching the player English. Many of these games are highly sophisticated–making the learning experience a thoroughly entertaining event. Individuals learn quite naturally when engaging in adventure games–many learners become so thoroughly engrossed with the game that they fail to realize that they are learning. Interactive English language games are designed for all age groups and language skill levels. Students must complete a brief registration before beginning game play, and there are no restrictions on the amount of time that an individual may play.

Crossword Puzzles

Almost all free Interactive English Learning Game sites offer crossword puzzles, which are a highly effective way to increase one’s vocabulary. Individual puzzles generally follow a specific theme, and themes cover almost every imaginable subject. For example, a puzzle might relate only to animals, while another focuses entirely on geographic features, requiring answers such as river, mountain, island, etc.

Interactive puzzles are geared to specific levels, from beginner to advanced, making it possible for individuals to independently gauge their approximate English skill level. Players who attempt to insert an incorrect word will not be permitted to input the information until it is correct. The repetition afforded by this activity assists the student in retaining their new vocabulary.

Vocabulary and Grammar Quizzes

Grammar and vocabulary quizzes generally consist of a sentence with a missing word. Students are required to insert the correct word into the blank. These exercises are often, but not always, multiple choice. Students completing multiple choice quizzes must choose the correct word from among three or four words. Grammar and vocabulary quizzes are automatically scored, and may be repeated for an unlimited number of times. These exercises are also sometimes referred to as “cloze” quizzes.

Scrambled Sentences

Scrambled sentence exercises require the student to unscramble a given group of words into a grammatically correct sentence. An example of a scrambled sentence would be: “? today, How, are, you.” The correct alignment of these words would be, “How are you today?”

Scrambled sentences provide learners with essential grammar skills, including proper punctuation. As with other exercises, students may choose their own skill level.

Matching Quizzes

Matching quizzes require students to correctly match the word to the part of speech indicated. Some quizzes ask the student to pair a word on the left with its opposite on the right (antonym), while others may direct the student to match the word from the left column with a word from the right that has the same meaning (synonym).

Matching quizzes generally use a drag and drop format-the correct word from the right is dragged and dropped onto the appropriate word on the left.

Matching quizzes are automatically scored, and are extremely useful in assisting a student in learning new vocabulary.

Robot Teachers

Learners can converse with a virtual robot. Students type in questions and receive an appropriate response from

the robot.

While some robots answer via text, others actually hold a verbal conversation with the learner -a great way for English learners to practice their listening and speaking skills. (A headset is required to converse with the virtual robot). For more such games you can visit Situs Judi Euro 2020, as you get a whole range of games that can help you in improving your English.