Kik Messenger! All You Need To Know!

Kik Messenger! One of the most abundantly used messaging mobile app by the teenagers of the United States. Yes! According to the sources almost about 40% of the US teens have been using the messaging app as on December, 2015. It has almost 240 million registered users all around the globe. It is provided free of cost on iOS, Android and Windows by its developers, Kik Interactive, a Canada based Company. Using this app you can randomly contact any of the other users just with the help of the user name. Kik Interactive was started by a group of students from Canada in 2009 who aimed at revolutionizing the technology for smart phone users. Within 15 days of release on this app, the users crossed the thresh hold of 1 million. Moreover, on 1st October 2014, Kik Interactive was awarded by a Smarties award by Mobile Marketing Association.

Reason for its popularity? Anonymity! Yes, the messenger provides complete anonymity to the users of the app. To register, you just need to enter an email ID, your date of birth (which must be above 13 years), select amongst the – kik usernames, nothing of which needs to be verified and there you go! No other identity proof is demanded by the messenger, not even a registered phone number. Moreover the user cannot be tracked down in case of any mishap, not even by the company itself! The biggest question that lies is: Is it safe? Specially for teenagers and children who have been using the app without any elder’s assistance. We would have to say a big NO! No doubt Kik Messenger is a great interactive app and has revolutionized the app world of smart phones, it just needs to provide a bit more security to make it safe even for children and teenagers.

The messenger has been under countless controversies since its launch, there have been several cases of child exploitation and the app has also given way to child pornography around the world. Using the app, you can act like anyone and talk to anyone you want. The app has been criticized for providing inadequate parental control and promoting minors to lead to unethical deeds. However, a check needs to be made into the matter and if you ever see your child using the app, you need to act and confirm some things!

Kik Messenger has already been a great name in the app market, moreover, in 2014, Kik announced 38.3 million dollar funding from SV Angel, Millennium Technology Value Partner and Valiant Capital Partners and bought the GIF Messenger “Relay”. In 2015, Kik received another 50 million dollar investment from web giant Tescant and also attained the company a billion dollar valuation. Moreover, Kik has been working on its safety features and in 2014, Kik included a safety feature that blurs the messages from strangers and it would be users’ decision to view it or not. Users can even delete any offensive content and even block another person from contacting them.