Here Are The Dangers When You Sleep With Contact Lens

Wearing a contact lens has a lot of benefits. It can make your eyes look different and good looking, or it can be useful for someone who has a vision issue. Therese a lot of different types of contact lenses that can be used as a design or enhance your vision. There are coloured contact lenses cheap that break easily. So make sure that you use a high-quality made contact lenses. So that it won’t easily break or a material that can cause damage in your eyes.

Furthermore, some contact lens can also be used during the day time. However, there are contact lenses designed to be used in the night time. But there is a risk of having contact lenses when you sleep. Also, sleeping with contact lenses that are intended to apply in daily wear. It can cause infections that will lead to losing your eye vision because contact lenses lessens the oxygen needed of the Cornea. Usually, Cornea receives the right amount of oxygen through the blood vessels. Additionally, contact lenses user has a proper procedure to keep their eyes safe. Also, If the lenses are not used or stored correctly, it may damage your eye.

Having a Pink Eye

A pink eye or Conjunctivitis is one of the risks of using a contact lens while sleeping. According to some research. The inflammation of the conjunctiva will result in pink eye or Conjunctivitis. It will cover the eye white and lines inside the eyelid caused by viral infections. Having a pink eye, you can feel uncomfortable and itchy in your eye. However, if the inflammation of the conjunctiva has not been medicated. It can lead to papillary Conjunctivitis – a viral disease that develops in the inner layer of the eyelid.

Having a Keratitis

This kind of disease is similar to Conjunctivitis, by the causes of inflammation of the eye. Keratitis will affects the Cornea, which is the transparent sector of your eye. Also, the virus can damage your eyesight with typical symptoms of Conjunctivitis. Bacteria, fungi, amoebae cause Keratitis. However, if it’s not been given a remedy, it can develop to. Amoebic Keratitis the worst disease that can cause you to lose your vision. The Keratitis can occur during your sleep, that you may feel extreme pain or sensitive on the light.

Neovascularization Corneal

Even if the infection is prevented. The nighttime use of contact lens can cause oxygen deprivation. That will lead to the red color of your Cornea, because of too much blood in your eye veins. Through that, It will damage your neovascularization.

Furthermore, too much blood on your eye veins can stop the traveling of the light to your Cornea. That can cause a significant eye problem. Thus, this can be prevented if you lessen the usage of contact lens at night.

Permanent Blindness

If you don’t get much attention on the symptoms of possible dangers in your eye. It can cause you to become permanently lose vision. So if you are wearing contact lenses, make sure to be responsible and careful. To the product you wear and the procedure of wearing. Because this might be can cause you to become blind.