Is Curing Gynecomastia through Surgery a Wise Decision?

Gynecomastia is a form of growth in the breast tissue of men. This happens due to low testosterone production in men. This is also caused by metabolic disorders. There are many ways to treat such disorders. They can be both surgical and non-surgical treatment. Surgical treatment is to go in for surgery. Non-surgical treatment includes treatment through exercise, applying creams and lotions externally and through intake of medicines. 001_get-rid-of-man-boobs

Non-surgical Treatment can help in reducing the size of the breasts by making the chest muscles lose their flab and become taut through proper exercises that strengthen the chest muscles. By applying lotions and creams, the size of the breasts will reduce but it takes more time as the effect is not immediate but reduces over a period of time. Taking medicines is also a slow process. Non-surgical treatment is good as long as there are no severe problems associated with the enlargement of the breasts. Diet control is also another treatment that helps to reduce the size of the breast as a low fat diet helps to burn calories which is the main cause for such

Surgical Treatment: There are many opinions on how to get rid of mans boobs. Surgery should be the last course of action that must be taken to get rid of the boobs. The most common reason that puts people away from surgery is the heavy cost involved (Thankfully!!!).

Why should you go in for Surgery?

Even after heavy exercising and ointments, for about a year and if your breasts are still enlarged you can consult a good surgeon to treat you. The gynecomastia that you have may be of a chronic type which makes it imperative to have the breasts tissues removed. Though not life threatening, there are many who are psychological affected by the presence of enlarged breasts and are willing to have them removed to put them back on track again.

Why should you not go in for Surgery?                                                     

Doctors generally do not prefer surgery for men to have their breasts removed, as it involves a lot of risks. One such complication is the anesthesia involved in the surgery. Such surgeries are not covered by the health insurance as they come under the cosmetic surgery category. Most teenagers have these conditions and they can easily be treated with exercise. Applying ointments and taking pills simultaneously should also do the trick. How to get rid of mans boobs is a question that has haunted many a young teenager. Go for the best one that suits you.