Why Star Wars Made Me a Gamer and winner at the game

As I’ve left the heady years of my 20’s behind and have now pushed into the era of responsibility and parenthood that is my 30’s, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that I am no longer the target consumer of today’s video game market. Long gone are the days of the NES and CGA/EGA PC games. Still, here I am – nearly 31, with a career and a family, yet still gaming.

My gaming foundation was the PC platform in the era of the 386 processor, a time when few folks had access to the emerging World Wide Web. Wolfenstien 3D was revolutionizing the PC gaming industry, threatening the joint rule of the point-and-click adventure game and the flight simulator as popularity kings. It was then I met the game that started me on the path of lifelong gaming: 1993’s Star Wars: X-Wing from LucasArts – the video game that truly made me a “gamer”.

I was a Star Wars fan when nobody my age (that I knew, at least) gave Star Wars a second glance. We weren’t old enough to have seen it anywhere but on VHS and we were still four years away from the Special Editions. So when a Star Wars PC game – and a flight sim, no less! – hit the stores, my 11-year-old self was ecstatic. I saw it in the store just after it was released and lusted after it until my birthday months later. I could hardly bear the wait, but soon I had all 5 floppy disks in my hand, installing the game of my dreams. The purchasing of a customized PS4 controller should be under the budget of the person. They can download the controller on the personal computer.

X-Wing was a space combat simulator that had surprising depth for a licensed title – these were different times, before licensed titles began being equated with shovelware. These were the glory days of LucasArts. It put the player in the cockpit of the X-Wing, Y-Wing, and A-Wing starfighters from the Star Wars series, flying varied missions including seek-and-destroy, convoy escorts, and coordinated attacks. Each mission in the three campaigns furthered the storyline, telling the events leading up to the opening scenes of A New Hope.

X-Wing made power management an art – you had a set amount of power you could divide between your offensive weapons, defensive shields, and flight speed. Divert more to the blasters and do more damage, but suffer more in return. Shift all power to the engines to catch a bomber that’s heading for the freighter you’re protecting. Each mission regularly required rapidly diverting power between the systems, even in the middle of a dogfight. The complexity of the various systems you constantly had to manage kept the game both engaging and challenging.

I still play X-Wing with the help of DosBox, a DOS emulator. It doesn’t have the same shine it used to, but the deep gameplay is still there – something that’s hard to find in today’s world of instant saves and button-mashing combos. It holds a special place in my gamer’s heart, and without that experience 19 years ago I would be the gamer dad I am now.

Fish Town FAQ Guide

This is a FAQ guide to Fish Town. In this guide, I will provide you with answers to some of the most asked questions in Fish Town. This guide will answer questions like how to clean your tank, how to get more coins, how to tell how many points you need to the next level, and more. To begin, it would be a good idea for you to load Fish Town and follow along with me. xe88 is a really good website for new players to learn more about Fish town and the tips and tricks that are necessary to master the game.

How Do I Clean My Tank in Fish Town?

If your fish tank is dirty, you will see spots of algae on it. To clean it, all you have to do is select the arrow in your toolbar. Then click the spots of algae and your tank will be cleaned. You will also earn points for cleaning your tank.

How Do I Get More Coins?

You can click the Get More Coins at the top of your game to see your options for getting more coins. On this page, you can purchase more coins. You will need to select the package you want to buy and then select your payment option. Then you can check out.

How Many Points Do I Need to Reach the Next Level?

To find out how many points you need to get to the next level, place your mouse on the level bar. When you place your mouse on the level bar, you will see a small box open. In this box will be two numbers. The first number is letting you know how many points you have. The second number is letting you know how many points you need to get to the next level.

How Do I Take Photos of My Tank?

If you want to take photos of your tank to share with your friends, you will need to click the camera icon at the bottom of your tank. When you click the camera, you will be asked to allow the game to upload photos to your account. You will have to accept all of that and then click the tank to take the photo. You can then share the photo with your friends.

How Do I Turn Off Sounds and Music in My Tank?

At the top of your game, you will see a music icon and a sound icon. Clicking these icons one time will turn the sound and music off. Clicking them again will turn them back on.

How Can I View My Tank in Full Screen?

At the top of your game, you will see an icon with four arrows. If you click that icon, your game will load in full screen. To exit the full screen view, you can press the esc button on your keyboard.

How Do I Visit My Friends in Fish Town?

At the bottom of your game, you will see thumbnails of your friends. You can click the thumbnail of the friend that you want to visit. Your game will then reload and you will be in your friend’s tank.

How Do I Invite Friends to Play Fish Town With Me?

If you want to invite friends to play Fish Town with you, you will need to click the Invite tab at the top of your game. Once the page loads, you can select the friends that you want to invite. Then click the Send button to invite them. If they accept the invitation, you can will be able to see them on your neighbors page. You can then request them as a neighbor.

Pinball FX 2 Review: Xbox Live Arcade

If you happen to be a fan of old school pinball tables you probably fell in love with Pinball FX for Xbox Live Arcade. Released back in 2007, Zen Studio’s game faithfully recreated the look and feel of those old machines, with accurate physics and cool, themed tables. This week, Pinball FX 2 was released, sporting four new tables, improved physics, “full compatibility for Pinball FX owners” and a host of improved online features. Here’s what you should know if you are considering upgrading.

The game itself is much more robust like situs judi online terbaik than its predecessor in that it keeps a track record of your performance across the entire game and compares it with that of your friends. You have a Superscore which is an indication of your overall performance and a Wizard Score that combines the superscores of your friends. The idea here is to form a team to try to beat other groups of pinball wizards. Additionally you can compete against your friends to own the high score for individual tables. You can play in tournaments, hot seat multi-player and split-screen, local multi-player when you have a friend over. The game is constantly giving you feeds with information about how you are doing and how you stack up against your friends. This gives the already addictive pinball formula another layer of competitiveness that keeps you playing.

Each table has its own rule sheet with special modes, missions and goals. The tables are customizable as well, allowing for adjustments of both settings and physical elements on the table such as bumpers and targets. One really cool feature is that you can import all of your Pinball FX tables into Pinball FX 2, playing them with the updated physics engine, graphical overhaul and new achievements. This is also where the Marketplace can be a little decieving.

If you look at the Marketplace screen for Pinball FX 2 and you already own Pinball FX, it will tell you that the download for the full version of Pinball FX 2 is free. This is not entirely true. You can download the upgraded Pinball FX engine and import your old tables, but to play the four new tables you’ll still have to shell out the 800 Microsoft Points. The price is fine and this results in a free update for Pinball FX owners, it’s just a little unclear in how its presented on the Marketplace and some gamers who think they are getting a deal for having purchased the original game may be disappointed. It’s best to know this upfront.

As of right now there are also a bunch of other tables you can grab for 200 points each and Zen Studios plans to release more down the road. At the game’s main menu you can easily see and select from all your tables. The tables themselves are beautifully rendered and have perfectly recreated sound effects. They really make you feel like you are back in one of the old arcades.

If you are a pinball aficionado who longs for the days when pinball tables were a thing that actually existed, you should take a look at Pinball FX 2.

Team Fortress 2: HUDs for Competitive Players

The default HUD for Valve’s popular game Team Fortress 2 is decent for lunch-break gameplay, but its unnecessary elements just make it more clunky and harder to play. For more competitive play, it is best to get an alternative HUD, allowing you to improve your awareness of the game. There are various HUDs floating around on TF2 forums, such as CommFT or ETF2L.

They are easy to install and replace whenever an update breaks them-just copy-paste the scripts and resource folders into the “tf” folder in your Steam client. Another easy to install game is Domino114 which can be played by a variety of players. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular ones:

CommHUD (code.google.com) is a great starting place for newer players. Just about every part of it is better than the default – it’s cleaner, the numbers are larger, and the important elements such as the ubercharge meter are clearly shown. It is a mixture of pvhud and the old flame’s HUD, and is regularly updated every time a major update comes out. CommHUD is definitely worth having, at least over the default. Plus, it has a great tournament spectator mode.

OxideHUD (clnsky.com) is similar to CommHUD with minmode on, but with slightly different charge bars. The text is similar, and overall it’s a good HUD to have. The only major problem is that it has the hard-to-read default show scores screen, with kills per death not clearly displayed.

Garm3nhud (sdx-gaming.eu), in my opinion, seems hard to follow, as it lacks a visual indicator of the charge and health bars. Instead, it is completely text-based, displaying numbers such as 75% for uber. The font also seems too large, making it hard to read, but that can be easily changed by modifying the resource folder it comes with.

BroselHUD (google.com) has all the HUD elements centralized, so that they aren’t scattered to the corners. While this makes it so that looking around is unnecessary, it can also make the display seem too “packed-in” and may result in difficulty with aiming. Still, it’s not a bad HUD to have.

Probably the most popular HUD out currently, PVHUD (ozfortress.com) features easy-to-read text and clear elements. It also has an auto-updater, making it unnecessary to re-download it after every big update comes along. PVHUD is a great HUD overall, but lacking when it comes to specific parts that come down to preference.

Of course, there are other HUDs available to serious TF2 players, such as LÖÖFV’s HUD, which is completely different from anything else. And, enigma from Classic Mixup has a custom crosshair that makes TF2 feel like a completely different game. And if you’re not satisfied with any of these? Browse for more at etf2l.org or even make your own!

How To Learn English With Online Interactive Games

Interactive English Learning Games are a great way to have fun while learning English. They are also highly effective. A comprehensive 2000 study led Dr. Kuang-Wu Lee of Hsuan Chauang University in Taiwan to conclude that computer-mediated communication has drastically changed the ability to use computers for language learning. The proliferation of hundreds of websites offering Interactive English Learning Games has now made it possible for everyone to learn English—for free.

Adventure Games

A number of English language websites offer exciting adventure games geared toward teaching the player English. Many of these games are highly sophisticated–making the learning experience a thoroughly entertaining event. Individuals learn quite naturally when engaging in adventure games–many learners become so thoroughly engrossed with the game that they fail to realize that they are learning. Interactive English language games are designed for all age groups and language skill levels. Students must complete a brief registration before beginning game play, and there are no restrictions on the amount of time that an individual may play.

Crossword Puzzles

Almost all free Interactive English Learning Game sites offer crossword puzzles, which are a highly effective way to increase one’s vocabulary. Individual puzzles generally follow a specific theme, and themes cover almost every imaginable subject. For example, a puzzle might relate only to animals, while another focuses entirely on geographic features, requiring answers such as river, mountain, island, etc.

Interactive puzzles are geared to specific levels, from beginner to advanced, making it possible for individuals to independently gauge their approximate English skill level. Players who attempt to insert an incorrect word will not be permitted to input the information until it is correct. The repetition afforded by this activity assists the student in retaining their new vocabulary.

Vocabulary and Grammar Quizzes

Grammar and vocabulary quizzes generally consist of a sentence with a missing word. Students are required to insert the correct word into the blank. These exercises are often, but not always, multiple choice. Students completing multiple choice quizzes must choose the correct word from among three or four words. Grammar and vocabulary quizzes are automatically scored, and may be repeated for an unlimited number of times. These exercises are also sometimes referred to as “cloze” quizzes.

Scrambled Sentences

Scrambled sentence exercises require the student to unscramble a given group of words into a grammatically correct sentence. An example of a scrambled sentence would be: “? today, How, are, you.” The correct alignment of these words would be, “How are you today?”

Scrambled sentences provide learners with essential grammar skills, including proper punctuation. As with other exercises, students may choose their own skill level.

Matching Quizzes

Matching quizzes require students to correctly match the word to the part of speech indicated. Some quizzes ask the student to pair a word on the left with its opposite on the right (antonym), while others may direct the student to match the word from the left column with a word from the right that has the same meaning (synonym).

Matching quizzes generally use a drag and drop format-the correct word from the right is dragged and dropped onto the appropriate word on the left.

Matching quizzes are automatically scored, and are extremely useful in assisting a student in learning new vocabulary.

Robot Teachers

Learners can converse with a virtual robot. Students type in questions and receive an appropriate response from

the robot.

While some robots answer via text, others actually hold a verbal conversation with the learner -a great way for English learners to practice their listening and speaking skills. (A headset is required to converse with the virtual robot). For more such games you can visit Situs Judi Euro 2020, as you get a whole range of games that can help you in improving your English.

How to Make a Retro Arcade Gaming System

While the teenagers of the past would hardly have dreamed of missing the old arcade gaming systems had they been able to see the consoles we have now, the fact remains that every generation has it’s nostalgic fun, and arcade systems are a coveted commodity for many middle aged individuals.

If you dream of standing in front of one of those tall, sturdy arcade systems, using the sensitive, easy to operate joysticks and large full hand buttons again, read on. This tutorial will show you how simple and easy it is to create your own arcade system – the only difference between the one created in this tutorial and the old ones is that you don’t need an endless supply of quarters to keep the game going.

This project overall is medium in complexity and will require about a month of construction. The overall price will depend on how complex you want this project to be and the overall price you put into it.

At the cheapest, this project will cost about $100. If you need to purchase all the materials, including the computer, you’re looking at a minimum of $600.

Items Needed:

  • Arcade box template or old wood arcade that needs restored
  • Computer with a good graphics card and a monitor
  • Arcade gaming board or controller board kit
  • Jigsaw, paint, sealant, and/or stickers
  • And of course, your gaming tshirts to add more fun!

Step 1: The biggest and most expensive component of an arcade system is the computer and monitor. If you have an old computer lying around the house, you’re in luck. It costs far less to upgrade the graphics card than it does to purchase a system.

If you don’t have a computer and monitor, you’ll need to purchase one. Don’t bother with a new one – you can find ones being sold via Craigslist or eBay far cheaper. You’ll also need a monitor. Flat screens work, but the old CRT monitors are cheaper and give the authentic rounded look of old systems – no matter which you choose, it will need to be a square 4:3 monitor, not a wide screen.

Step 2: Now you’ll need an arcade system box or template. Buying the wood shell of an old arcade system is probably best – you’ll need to sand it down and fill in any dents and holes with filler. Paint it – glow in the dark paint is great – and then seal it.

Step 3: Purchase a thin, cheap cabinet-shaped computer desk and set up the monitor on it. Place the computer at the bottom and hook the entire unit up. Make sure that it runs.

Step 4: Now download game emulators and ROMs. Many ROMs are illegal, despite what the sites may say, so make sure you download legal one. You will need to find these on your own.

Step 5: Download a program called Maximus arcade. Maximus was created to be an emulator organizer for just such a project as this. It offers a nice, arcade-like splash screen upon start up and then allows you to scroll through all the emulators you have downloaded. You can then scroll through the games you have available on the system.

The program is free for individuals – to install it, simply follow the start up wizard.

Step 6: Once the computer is set up and ready to go, you need to set the walls up around it. Screw the two side walls onto the desk. Screw at top piece on to hold the two units together firmly. Now, slide out the keyboard tray and use screws to make it permanent. Construct a wood shelf around this to mount the joystick and controller board.

The controller boards can be purchase pre-made off of eBay.

Step 7: After the entire unit has been assembled, slip some slider discs under neat the unit so you can get behind it easily – the entire unit will weigh about one hundred pounds.

Step 8: Plug it in and make sure everything works as it should. If it doesn’t, plug a keyboard into the back of the computer and run a check on the Maximus settings to make sure they’re set up OK.

Top Gaming Sites (And Some that Pay!)

1. Live Search Club –

Now, anyone with a Windows Live ID can visit http://club.live.com and burn time, while engaging the brain in trivia and word games. Microsoft Live Search serves as the driving force behind all games. Graphics are average, and games certainly do not feature the same intensity of Halo, Call of Duty or other, slick bought video games in stores. But for crossword and pop culture wizards, a little persistence goes a long way. Tickets earned via playing are redeemable. Prizes range from t-shirts and USB drives, to Xbox 360 systems. Frequent flyer miles can be earned here too. For most people, however, getting into the games is kind of like getting into broccoli.

2. Kongregate –

Kongregate.com is where the casual gamer can have some good, genuine fun. The quality of graphics depends, because developers range from being freelance professionals to beginners in Flash. Highly successful developers earn from 20,000-80,000 USD annually, though anyone can create a game and get paid. Kongregate is thus an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in professional game development; it really doesn’t matter if he or she is a newbie or seriously skilled, seasoned pro.

Kongregate offers a breadth of genres from which to choose; “Desktop Tower Defense 1.5” resides among the top rated games for strategy/ defense. The graphics are quite good too. Newest games include one called “Halo the flash version.”

Gamers earn points/ kreds. They can use them for leveling up, earning achievements; as an expression of appreciation, gamers donate their kreds to developers. To developers, donated kreds translates directly into monetary pay.

3. XNA Creators Club Online –

Going to http://creators.xna.com/en-US connotes an earnest interest in game playing, reviewing and/ or development. Some impressively quality games can be found here for the PC, Xbox 360 and Zune. Opening a free account grants access to them. XNA Game Studio, as well as Visual Studio would serve infinitely useful. And anyone can earn Microsoft Points by creating a game. To make serious money, however, requires a Premium Membership; this requires funds, unfortunately.

4. Ijji –

Ijji is a gaming portal website, which offers an array of addicting RPGs and casual games. It is headquartered in Irvine, California and went live back in 2006. Most games require a one-time download, but are just as easily uninstalled. Along with Hangame, Ijji falls under the management the South Korean NHN Corporation.

5. Other sites that pay developers include Come2Play and Nonoba.

Nonoba even offers player-XPs for its “Suggest bad words;” instead of calling someone “retarded,” refer to them as “special.” It’s Nonoba’s way of creating a safe, friendly environment in which to play.

With situs poker online terbaik you can win lot of money. You can play poker with online players or with your friends. You can learn about the game of poker and learn the art of playing poker in no time.

Then, there are tons of gaming websites that don’t reward anyone. The Casual Collective, BigFishGames.com, FreeArcade.com and Doof (which means “idiotic” in German, by the way) are among these. They are nonetheless fun, and guarantee entertainment for hours of unproductive time.

Valuable Things Parents must Know about Online Gaming

I regularly play various games over an on line gaming community .And almost every time I play I am matched up with a child that is under the recommended age for whatever game I am playing. Thankfully, some games intended for adults don’t easily let kids sign up for an account. Much like in Situs Judi poker online where no misbehaving kids are around.

In some cases these kids behave as they should,as kids.But in most cases they are loud,rude,aggressive and unfortunately sling profanities at anyone who will listen.It is not that these are bad kids it is.It is because this is the way online gaming can be and they have been exposed to this.They believe that in order to keep up and to somehow seem mature and intimidating they need to act in the same way that the worse older gamers behave.

Most of the time someone in the game will speak up and tell the said child to be quiet ,to act their age, or that they shouldn’t act in this way.But normally the child will be confronted by a equally immature teen (and even at times a adult)and will be mocked and tormented for the remainder of the game.This in turn only makes the child act out even worse in competition over who can outwit,out swear and basically bully the other into submission.

I am a parent myself of two boys.My oldest is 11 and does play games online.But he plays solely with another child his age that I know.They play together in private chat and generally play games suited for their age.He is not allowed to talk to other gamers.He is not allowed to play games that are not suited for his age group.And he is only allowed to play in the family room where we can be present as he plays.

I think alot of parents do not understand that by allowing their children to play these games they are unknowingly subjecting their child to very harsh language and extremely aggressive game play.These games have ratings for a reason and gaming in a online gaming community is a high risk environment for a child.Not only is there intense swearing at times but your child could also hear vivid descriptions of sexual and/or violent situations.I have been present at times where a child is confronted by a teen or again even at times a very sick minded adult who wishes to express to the child graphic detail of sexual situations in order to have a good laugh at the child’s expense.

As parents we would allow someone in person to speak to their child in this manner and would we not go off on anyone who did so.So why allow your child to hear this online?

Parents should understand that just because their child is home with them innocently playing a game on their PC or Console does not mean they are safe.A large gaming community cannot monitor all language and behavior in their games.It is up to the parents to decide what is appropriate for their children and if they are unsure they should experience it for themselves first.

I am not blaming parents , I am simply stating that parents should know that this is how online gaming can be and they should investigate any game themselves before they allow their child to play in a online setting.

Gameshark and other Video Game Cheat Devices: Why don’t we see them anymore?

Since the very beginning that game cheat codes were created, it has become one of the heated arguments and debates of the gaming community. Over time, new and more video game cheat devices are being designed and introduced. But since there is a vast majority of gamers who are against any form of cheats, these game cheat devices are decreasing in terms of production, usage and implementation. As a result, we don’t even see these video game cheat devices anymore. But the question is – why? Well, Gameshark and other video game cheat devices are being banned for a lot of reasons.

First, according to experts, GameShark is no longer needed nowadays. Before, it was mainly used in Nintendo handhelds, which are not needed anymore aside from the 3Ds. Moreover, most of the newly created systems have a stronger security so you can’t easily access the code of the game anymore. And since most of the digital games can be played in console, there is no way that gamers can hack it with Gameshark. In addition, disks are CD-ROM and they usually read only memory so you cant add any of your additional files.

Secondly, if you look at the newest games today, most of them can be found online. Thus, the online platform doesn’t have instant access. Cheating on these games will be considered as an offense and bannable. So whether you use Gameshark or any other instant access video game cheat devices, there is no way any gamer can hack the game.

Lastly, through the continuous advancement of technology, security of most of the games is now made more firm and stronger. Hence, these are the reasons why we don’t see game cheat devices like Gameshark anymore.

Reasons Behind The Popularity And Craze Of Online Fighting And Arcade Games

Gaming has become increasingly an integral part of today’s younger generation. Online fighting games are widely popular among the youth. An online fighting game is primarily played on the internet. Similarly, the craze for arcade games is also on the rise. Arcade games are basically coin-operated games physically installed in public places.  With the passing of time, these arcade games have also acquired an online presence. Now, these games can be played easily on your computer screens.

Why are online fighting games popular?

Online fighting games are desirable for many reasons. They are easy to understand and play. The ultimate goal is to beat the enemy and advance to the next level. These games are short. Most games finish within 5 to 8 minutes. This way a player can play many matches in a single day and save time. There are many characters available for the players to chose from. These animated characters are flashy and attract the interest of players. These games foster the strategic thinking and planning abilities of the players. They require your concentration and dedication to succeed.

Craze of online arcade games

Initially started as physical coin games, arcade gaming is now available online. Since the early 2000s internet services and computer processor technology have improved a lot paving a way for arcade games o shift online. A decrease in internet and technology costs has popularized these games among billions of people. Millions around the world enjoy arcade gaming as a shared activity. These games are easy to play and are high in quality. They can afford dedicated sound cards and SVGA connected screens. Online games like pokerqq are very popular.

The point here is clear. Online fighting and arcade games are popular and are here to stay.