How To Avoid Being Scammed By These Common Bitcoin Frauds

  • Classic frauds
    These are called classic frauds because they are using one of the classic forms of scamming. This involves someone cold calling or emailing people, asking them to send money in exchange for bitcoin investments, very similar to the classic scam of someone claiming to be an agent of the IRS, asking you to pay delinquent taxes. People still fall for these scams, so many will still fall for the bitcoin versions of these scams.

    Scammers are asking their victims to transfer money through Western Union or send cash to a banking account. Surprisingly, avoiding these types of scams is easy enough. Do not trust emails or calls like that, and if you received one, you can verify it with the official contacts of the companies that they claim to be.
    2. Malware
    Malware is definitely a means for online hackers to obtain security passwords required to gain access to personal computer systems or take credit card information or details of your bank account. In this bitcoin era, malware is being used to perform one more well-known Bitcoin fraud. Should your bitcoin wallet be hooked up to the web, they can make use of the malware to obtain entry and deplete your resources if you are not safeguarding your accounts from malware.
    You will come across these malwares in your e mail messages, malicious websites and on social media. There can be a blog post, for instance, in which someone boasts that they have a particular program that permits you to mine Bitcoin at no cost. Download and install and you will get malware programs. If you want to avoid these scams, do not believe in any messages or posts that claims to give free bitcoins. People do not give away bitcoin for free, after all.


Throwing a party requires tremendous effort, planning, and preparation. Oftentimes, professional help is needed in setting up the venue for the party. Aside from the sound system, chairs and back drops, organizers will have to have to choose table rental companies to fill the venue up.

To help with preparing for your next party, we have listed the best table rentals available in the market:

Table & Chair Rental

This company in Singapore specializes in providing top-quality chairs and tables for any event. Their wide array of collections of linen coverings and color scheme offer a very extensive versatility of options for whatever occasion anyone may have. They cater to various events such as weddings, outdoor parties, birthdays, festivals and even formal events such as business meetings and various corporate events.

Seng Heng Rentals

Having 20 years of experience in rental industry, Seng Heng has proven to be one of the market leaders when it comes to rentals for various events. Sporting a large warehouse which stores a huge collection of materials, equipment, furniture, and such for any occasion. Seng Heng has a roster of about 60 loyal employees ready to help you and provide all your party needs.


CLProduction has a wide array of furnitures and equipment for rental, all of which are well-maintained, well-taken care of, and regularly updated to cater to the market’s ever-changing needs. Aside from the high-quality tables and chairs for rent, CLProduction also offers services for planning, managing, and executing events.

Event Lobang

            Event Lobang has an extensive selection of table and chairs you can choose from for your party needs. Whether its for a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate event, this company has the right style and design to suit your every need. They also have a range of prices you can choose from to fit your budget, without compromising quality and design.

Top Business Insurance Risks You Should Be Aware Of

Business insurance is mandatory when you start a new business, irrespective of the industry and size of the business. Contrary to the popular opinion, even the online businesses too need business insurance. However, experts have observed certain risks related to business insurance. Please read the post below to know more about it.

Risks of data breach

Your insurance company stores a huge volume of data about your business. These include both operational and financial data. No wonder, insurance company databases are one of the most favorite target of the hackers. Thus, be careful while sharing information with your business insurer. Your chosen insurance company should assure advanced protection for their database to prevent hacking attempts. Moreover, make sure the technology of your credit card complies with EMV standards.

Frequent liability insurance claims

If yours is a service-oriented firm, you must sign up for professional liability insurance singapore. It will protect your company if a customer sues you for faulty service. But then, is it a healthy practice to get sued by customers frequently for underrated service? Yes, you have your liability insurance to cover you here. But don’t forget, your insurer will have doubts about you if they keep on getting frequent liability claims from your side. And that may result in hike of your premium.

The best thing to do here is to get your employees properly trained about all the major practices of the trade. A well-trained workforce is less likely to leave your clients with faulty service. And that would also lessen the incidents of liability claims from your side.

Property damage cover won’t cover for natural catastrophes

If you think the property coverage is enough to guard your commercial property from damages, you are wrong. The property damage insurance will certainly cover your premise but only in cases of theft and vandalism. It won’t help you in times property damage from natural disasters. For that, you would have to apply for specific natural disaster property damage coverage.

The best guide for DIY artists to make an LED flashlight that can be sold!

It is so exciting; I’m going to jump right on the topic. Brightest Small Flashlights are present in the market but still if you are into experiment and science, you probably want to make it on your own! Well, I am glad you chose the right place, to begin with!

What are the things you are going to need?

Here are the fun and most straightforward way to make a small flashlight. You will need a toilet paper roll, two D batteries, electrical tape, wire and light bulb of approx 2.2 volts.

Let’s get started. Here are the steps to follow to make a mini torch on your own!

  1. Take out your electrical tape; with its help attach the one end of the wire with the negative end of the battery. The negative and positive are marked on the battery itself.
  2. Now, get that toilet paper roll, and with put tape on its one end to cover it. Make sure no space is left for the light to sneak out.
  3. After this, take the wire attached site of the battery and insert in the roll and let it sit on the covered surface you made with tape. Same way, insert negative aside of another battery.
  4. Get the bulb and attach it t another top of the last batter you inserted. Make sure the end you are sticking bulb to is positive.

Now, to check whether it is working or not, take the other end of the wire and let it touch the silver part of the light bulb. If it glows, experiment done successfully, and you can sell it off to kids looking for science projects! If not, begin again and make sure the connections are proper.

Have you used a cryptocurrency trading bot? How was your experience?

Through the continuous advancement of technology, there are new tools and platforms being introduced in the market that aide the human endeavors. This also applies in crypto currency trading. Gone are the days when you need to make trading decisions on your own. Today, there is digital software that can help you in making discretions over your trading activities in crypto currencies. One of the known software is the crypto currency trading bot.

One of the best things about this new digital software is that the provider always takes care of everything for you. All you have to do is deposit your hard-earned cash and their algorithm moves your money. In this world where your time is being divided by other needs of life, you may find bitcoin trading a hard task to sustain. But thanks to the creation of crypto currency trading bot, it is now easier and faster for you to do all the transactions and trading that you prefer.

Moreover, this digital software are merely designed to aid traders in all their trading decisions. Surely, your life will be more convenient using such tools.

However, just like a coin with two sides, crypto currency trading bot has both negative and positive sides. For some users, there are some bad things that they have encountered in using these bot. One of them is the imperfection of the algorithm. According to some users, they have encountered some errors due to the malfunction of the algorithm. Hence, we may say that the development of these tools are not yet fully enhanced. Experts still need to improve and make perfect their algorithm. This will allow them to have a more reliable and convenient cryptocurrency trading bot that provides excellent experience to users.


What Happens If Your Personal Injury Lawyer Loses A Case?

Although personal injury lawyers are experts in their area, you’ll have to understand that they are humans too and they are not perfect. They have their individual weaknesses and bad days. Nonetheless, it’s unfortunate when one loses a case. It doesn’t bring any good feeling to them especially because they just spent all their hours, efforts, and maybe even had sleepless nights for these cases.

No matter how heartbreaking or annoying it can be, it’s something that every professional lawyer knows and accepts. They can’t always win every battle and just like athletes, they have to be a good sport when it happens. To give you more insight on what happens after lawyers lose their case, here’s a short and good read for you.

Covering The Cost

If you have been looking into personal injury lawyers for a while now, then you must already be aware that they charge contingency fees and not hourly fees. This means that you don’t have to pay for the hours they spent working on your case until you have won the case. If you end up losing, they also don’t get the portion of the money that was agreed upon. However, before you hire a personal injury lawyer, you must know that you’ll have to pay for the cost that was incurred when you decide to pursue the case. Some examples of this cost are jury fees, expert fees, copying, postage, and filing fees. Your lawyer will explain these before you proceed to hiring him or her.

There are also some lawyers who might charge in an hourly basis but this is very rare. It usually involves upfront charges that are used to cover the costs and the risk of losing the case. However, you don’t have to worry about this too much since most lawyers charge on a contingency fee basis. People who might be involved in accidents in Baltimore should get a personal injury lawyer and get the help they need.

When Should You Hire Corporate Bankruptcy Lawyer?

It can be quite disheartening to have invested your all in your business, only to have it fail. Along with the emotional trauma, this situation is also heavy on your finances. In such a situation, you might consider filing for a bankruptcy. It is recommended to get rid of liability from certain debts.

Bankruptcy can affect your credit score. Ask your family members who have well-managed credit cards to add you as an authorized user. Using credit cards after bankruptcy in wise manner helps you build back your credit score.

Filing for bankruptcy is again not an easy task. It usually involves legal complications which might need a legal advisor for you to understand. This is why it is important to hire a corporate bankruptcy lawyer.

When do I know I need a Corporate Bankruptcy Lawyer?

  1. You are being sued by creditors

If your creditors have been suing you to the extent of dragging you to court for delinquent debts, then you need to seek help from an attorney. A corporate bankruptcy lawyer will represent you in all hearings, help you file bankruptcy under the correct chapter, as well as handle your creditors.

  1. Your assets are at danger

If your personal assets are at the risk of getting repossessed by creditors, you know you need the assistance of a corporate bankruptcy lawyer. He/she can be your legal advisor and will also help you file a bankruptcy to help protect your assets.

  1. Your business is unable to pay off debts

You creditors can choose to buy equity in your business. You can also restructure your credit terms to pay reduced payments to creditors. However if your business has exhausted all such options, your assets will be at risk. In such a situation, you can certainly look for a corporate bankruptcy lawyer. He/she will help protect your personal assets through correct legal procedures.


How Personal Injury Lawyers Earn?

In case you might be wondering how personal injury lawyers make their money, continue reading below. This article will discuss the ways that personal injury lawyers get their dues.

Contingency fee agreement

Personal injury attorneys such as maryland personal injury attorney make a profit by being successful on a personal injury court case. They can also earn by settling a case out of court. For most personal injury situations, a personal injury attorney will be following a payment plan that is called a contingency fee. With a contingency fee agreement, the fee is dependent on the results of the case. This means that the lawyer will only get paid if the client is successful in getting settlement or reward money.

In the event that the lawyer is victorious in the case, they are going to take a portion of the finalized settlement deal. This arrangement will be brought and be agreed upon when you first hired your personal injury lawyer.

What happens if the case is lost?

No payment will be done if the case fails. If no monetary settlement or award is retrieved from the conclusion of the case, the client is not going to be obligated to repay the lawyer’s charges. The contingency fee agreement levels out the best interests of the lawyer and their clients.

Hourly fee agreements

The majority of personal injury attorneys tend not to impose a fee for their time on an hourly basis. Several lawyers will consent to take a case on an hourly basis, but the client must prepare their bank accounts if that is the case. A normal personal injury attorney may possibly demand between $125 to $250 or even more on an hourly basis in addition to other expenses. For this reason, contingency fee agreements are preferred by a lot of people.

Steps To Build Gantt Chart On Powerpoint

PowerPoint is the most widely used medium for creating Gantt Charts. Do you too need to create a Gantt chart for your new project? Well, here is a brief guide on the steps to follow while creating Gantt chart on PPT.

Step 1

Create basic graphic

Open PPT, choose Layout & then go for Blank for slides. Now, follow the steps below-

  • Go to Insert tab.
  • Click on the Chart tab in the Illustrations category.
  • Go to All Charts and choose Bar
  • Select Stacked Bar

Step 2

Enter project schedule

After you have completed the first step, you will get a standard stack chart on your PPT slide. You will also get an Excel sheet with replaceable placeholder data. Now, you will define your project tasks, schedule both start & end dates as well as duration.

  • List task titles in Excel’s A column
  • Rename Series 1 & 2 with Start Date and End Date. Last Column will be for Duration

Let’s say, you have marked your Start date in blue, End date in orange and Duration in grey.

Step 3

Format graphic to create Gantt Chart

Now, you will transform your stack chart into a professional Gantt Chart. You will have to format graphic in such a way that blue sections turn transparent. Only your grey ones will remain visible.

  • Click on a blue bar to select all the blue bars
  • Open mini toolbar
  • Go to Fill icon
  • Choose No Fill

Step 4

Customize Gantt Chart

You can now customize the Gantt chart with any color you desire from Fill section.

It’s to note here if you are too busy to create PPT Gantt Chart from scratch, you can take the help of Office Timeline is the only online Gantt chart tool which can make PPT slides in user’s browser.

Reasons The Amazon Account Get Suspended

Amazon is the most useful site among people by which people make their shopping done. On the site, one will get many offers and deals which helps in saving money also. Are you the one whose Amazon account got suspended after registration or after making any purchase? Is there anyone who knows why this happened? In the post, we will break out the information in which one will get the information about why the account gets suspended and what one should not do to prevent from the suspension. For the suspension of account, one needs to appeal letters for Amazon account suspension to make it possible properly.


Several reasons are there which can lead to letting the Amazon account gets suspended. Few of those reasons are:-

Information sharing

Sometimes, people start sharing their information with their friends and family which can become a reason to let the account get suspended. If someone is the owner of the Amazon account, then it is the must for them to keep information within them only.

Multiple threads

Some people make multiple threads for the same problem which can also lead to let the account get suspended. So make sure that one will start user one thread for one problem only.

What not to do after the Amazon account suspension?

There are some things which one should never do after the account suspension. Those things are:-

  • Never rush to submit the first approval
  • Don’t open the new account
  • Don’t try to threaten the Amazon by legal actions.

Hope that you are satisfied with the above information and now will bring the best with the Amazon account suspension. Appeal letters for Amazon account suspension will be the best option to bring the best for the suspension of the account. Make sure that you will follow the procedure properly by keeping not doing things in mind.