Bundesliga Title Contenders

Football betting tips are never short of miracles. Last season it was Leicester shocked everyone in the world by winning the Premier League and this year everyone has their eyes on the Bundesliga because there is a chance a newly promoted team might break Bayern Munich’s domination on the league. Everyone is going gaga over it and it could easily be two fairytales in a row. 001_football-betting


Bayern Munich has won the German Bundesliga for the last four years and they could be on their way to their fifth consecutive title. They have one of the most successful managers in Europe as their manager right now in Carlo Ancelloti and also a great man manager. They are top of the league with one of the most balanced squads in Europe and will be aiming to win the Champions League trophy along with other domestic titles. Lewandowski needs to continue his red hot form along with Thomas Mueller constantly assisting one of the best strikers in the game right now. They will depend on the experience and talent of Hummels to hold them at the back.football-treble-betting-ticket-friday


RB Leipzig is currently second on the table after getting promoted this season. The squad is filled with young players from various countries. Many people have shown a lot of anger towards the way the club is run as German rules say that there can’t be any corporate company running a club and every club needs certain locals on their board but still the club has found a way to g around the rules and have reached the top flight in just 7 years. It is impossible to believe that a club which was found in 2009 may be winning the title this season or playing in the Champions League next season. Their young players have formed a great unit and have given Munich a run for their money.