The best guide for DIY artists to make an LED flashlight that can be sold!

It is so exciting; I’m going to jump right on the topic. Brightest Small Flashlights are present in the market but still if you are into experiment and science, you probably want to make it on your own! Well, I am glad you chose the right place, to begin with!

What are the things you are going to need?

Here are the fun and most straightforward way to make a small flashlight. You will need a toilet paper roll, two D batteries, electrical tape, wire and light bulb of approx 2.2 volts.

Let’s get started. Here are the steps to follow to make a mini torch on your own!

  1. Take out your electrical tape; with its help attach the one end of the wire with the negative end of the battery. The negative and positive are marked on the battery itself.
  2. Now, get that toilet paper roll, and with put tape on its one end to cover it. Make sure no space is left for the light to sneak out.
  3. After this, take the wire attached site of the battery and insert in the roll and let it sit on the covered surface you made with tape. Same way, insert negative aside of another battery.
  4. Get the bulb and attach it t another top of the last batter you inserted. Make sure the end you are sticking bulb to is positive.

Now, to check whether it is working or not, take the other end of the wire and let it touch the silver part of the light bulb. If it glows, experiment done successfully, and you can sell it off to kids looking for science projects! If not, begin again and make sure the connections are proper.