Best Adventure Games Of All Time

Adventure games have been around since video games started. It is arguably one of the most popular game categories for the past few decades. It’s popularity among the gaming community may have waned in the past couple of years due to the rise of online multiplayer games and online betting games such as pokerqq, but there are still game developers dedicated in making and providing quality adventure games in various platforms.

To pay homage to the wonders adventure games have given us, we’ve listed down some of the best adventure games released in the history of gaming.


The Secret of Monkey Island

Released in 1990, it is considered to be a must-have if you’re just starting out with adventure games. Dialogues are quite funny, the gameplay is not too difficult, and it has pioneered some of the rules of the genre that are still being used up to this day.


Quest For Glory series

This adventure game series was popularly known for its RPG elements such as character stats, classes, and RPG-inspired combat. Not only does it provide an entertaining and challenging adventure, it also imparts heartfelt messages and lessons about a wide range of topics such as compassion, heroism and empathy.


King’s Quest VI

This game is a series that every adventure game fan must play. Noteworthy is its sixth installment in the series, King’s Quest VI. This game is considered the pinnacle of King’s Quest series, featuring a mixture of fantasy and romance in an adventure-filled island chain game setting. Characters like the Lord of the Dead add an edgy personality to an overall charming adventure game.



Fan of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? This adventure game based off the movie, bringing with it the key takeaways from the film with tons of fun dialogue and situation with a wee touch of naughty. Set on three cartoon worlds, the game provide limitless possibilities where anything can happen, making it all the more fun to play.