Technology In The Courtroom: Things To Consider Before Going To Trial

As technology becomes more prevalent in the courtroom it is essential for attorneys to have a clear understanding of the equipment used to present their case. Technology such as document cameras, annotation monitors, and trial presentation software are all common tools that help keep the pace of the trial moving in a timely manner, while also making the presentation of the case more impactful.

As a Technology Administrator for the United States District Court I have witnessed many proceedings in which counsel is not familiar with the presentation equipment integrated into the courtroom and as a result stumble over the technology, often times calling on the clerk on duty to assist with their presentation. Not only can this be a frustration to the Judge, this can also leave a less than positive impression on the Jury.

It is common that before appearing in court the judge or someone from his or her staff will offer insight or direction with regards to how that particular judge likes to operate during a proceeding. Many times the judge will ask if there is a need to use the presentation system in the courtroom and if the answer is yes; they will direct them to set up an appointment prior to the proceedings to visit the courtroom, test their presentations (DVD, Digital Clips from a laptop, audio recordings, etc), as well as get a feel for the operation of the equipment. Do pictures have too much glare when presented from the document camera? Is there enough backlight for an X-Ray to be viewed? Is the jury able to read an entire document projected on the viewing screens? These are all questions that should be answered before making your appearance in court. Acclimating yourself with the capabilities of the courtroom will be beneficial in many ways. It is in counsel’s best interest to connect their laptop and make sure that presentation software looks good on the screens. I like to encourage attorneys to take the time to get a tour of the room and the technology offered. Ask the clerk on duty to show you ahead of time where to connect laptops, external audio devices, as well as power outlets for the equipment.

Visit the court website to see if the judge has a page that offers information as to what their expectations are with regards to the use of technology while in their courtroom. Often useful information can be found that will lead to a greater understanding of the technology in the courtroom. Take the time to visit with clerks or other members of the judge’s staff who know the courtroom well before going into trial. They can offer insight that can prove to be invaluable later. If more advanced technological situations develop, it might be necessary to contact the Courtroom Technology Administrator or someone from the I.T. department who can offer a more in-depth tutorial of the equipment. Maryland injury lawyer are known to be very helpful with their clients when it comes to courtroom technology tutorial.

Jurors today expect technology to be a large part of their courtroom experience. It can only benefit you as an attorney to have an understanding of the tools available for trial. Even if you are only using tangible paper documents, a document camera will most likely be involved and there is nothing worse than looking confused or needing to ask for help when all eyes are on you. Let the Jurors notice your exhibits, not you struggling with technology. The Judge will appreciate your efforts, as well as the Clerk on Duty, and all those present in the Courtroom.

Is Baseball A Dying Sport? What Features Prove It Right?

Mom, apple pie, and baseball. That’s the kind of lofty position baseball once held in the hearts of Americans. It even garnered the coveted title of our “national pastime”. For our parents and grandparents growing up, baseball was the king of sports.

My, how the times have changed.

An AP-AOL poll in late 2006 showed that less than one-third of Americans call themselves fans of professional baseball: 32%. In 1980, the number was closer to 50%. Those under 35 were even less likely to call themselves baseball fans.

In a recent survey of elementary school kids, 593 said basketball was their favorite sport to watch, 535 said football, and 255 said baseball. And in the 2001 Gallup poll, 28% of Americans said football was their favorite sport to watch. This was followed by basketball with 16%, and baseball with 12%.

The sale of team logos and merchandise has also been declining for baseball. Until 1992, baseball was the number one sport in terms of merchandise sold. By 1996, both football and basketball had surpassed it, and ever since the rank has been football and basketball way ahead of baseball in overall merchandise sales.Inevitably, when you bring up the sport of baseball in a conversation today, someone criticizes it. People are quick to point out that it’s probably the slowest paced of the major sports, though they usually don’t put it that kindly. They say baseball is boring. To the ears of baseball fans who truly love the game, that stings.

Sports fans today are accustomed to the constant action of basketball and soccer, and the brutal physicality of football and hockey. Society in general has become more fast paced, with instant gratification being the name of the game. Baseball has always been known as the thinking man’s game, but a lot of sports fans today ar not content to think long and hard during a game; they want to be entertained by flying slam dunks or crunching hits from linebackers. A generation of fans raised on Sportscenter highlight reels appreciate the most athletic, the fastest, and the strongest. Though baseball has some great athletes who perform some amazing feats, most of the time it can’t compete.

Even the home run, which has long been considered the most hallowed and exciting play in baseball, has lost some of its luster. Accusations of home run hitters pumped up on steroids, using corked bats, or hitting juiced balls have tarnished the glory of the Big Hit. The playing tactics can be known from the 먹튀검 website. With the playing tactics, the verification of the baseball sport website can be done through it.

In my hometown, the recreation center I work at no longer offers baseball leagues for kids older than second grade. There simply is not enough interest to form leagues for that age group. Meanwhile, soccer, hockey, basketball, and flag football always fill up before the deadlines. As a person who grew up enjoying the Little League experience, it saddens me.

Will baseball survive in America? There certainly are plenty of communities around the country that still love and support the game. And there is enough interest in the sport in Asia and Latin America to keep lots of talent coming into the big leagues. One has to wonder, though, if grassroots baseball, the kind where kids got together in the empty lot and played neighborhood pick up games, has a future in the United States. There are just too many other activities competing for kids’ attention, and in today’s world, baseball may be left behind.

Smart Tips In Keeping Your Server Room Clean

If you have a server room in your office, it is important that you keep it clean. Keeping the server room free from dust, dirt and other particles is a very important part of maintaining your data center. If you don’t keep the data center clean, your expensive and sensitive server equipment can easily be damaged by dust and other particles. This could result in serious problems such as data loss, media failures or even operating system failures in severe cases.

When you are planning or designing your server room, you must include a schedule for cleaning it on a regular basis. Depending on the size of the room and the number of servers in it, you can plan for quarterly or even more frequent cleaning. Regular cleaning of your data center would help in keeping your servers in optimal shape and cutting down the repair and maintenance costs substantially. Of course the cleaning service will require an investment, but the returns would far exceed your investment.

And yes, simply cleaning their server rooms is one of the key secrets of Fatality Servers. That’s why they offer lowest priced server hosting for Rust and other popular games.

Cleaning the server room requires a lot of expertise which is why it should be outsourced to professional cleaning services. You should never get your servers cleaned by inexperienced personal as it can result in damage to your expensive equipment. The professional cleaning services have a lot of experience and expertise on how to clean data centers without causing an outage or damage to server equipment.

How to choose a server room cleaning service?

When you are outsourcing the server room cleaning to professional people, make sure that you give the job to the best people. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best server room cleaning service provider:

– Before you have employ any service, make sure to as for references. You must ensure that the cleaning service has worked in environments that are similar to your data center. Finally you must also make sure that the service is capable of cleaning the kind of equipment that is present in your server room.

– Make sure that the company is insured out for the damages that they cause during cleaning process. This way you will be cowered in case there is some accident.

– You must also check the credentials and experience of the actual cleaning crew. After all they would be handling the expensive equipment present in your server room so you must ensure that they are properly trained and certified.

– You must also ask for the review of their cleaning methods. Make sure that they use methods and chemicals that are safe for the equipment that you have in your server room.

– Make sure that you explain your expectations very clearly to the cleaning professionals. Prepare a list of do’s and don’ts regarding moving the equipments, the server equipment that requires cleaning, data sensitive environments etc. so that there are no accidents or access violations. If there are some areas in your server room that are off-limits, make sure you explain it to them.

How To Avoid Being Scammed By These Common Bitcoin Frauds

  • Classic frauds
    These are called classic frauds because they are using one of the classic forms of scamming. This involves someone cold calling or emailing people, asking them to send money in exchange for bitcoin investments, very similar to the classic scam of someone claiming to be an agent of the IRS, asking you to pay delinquent taxes. People still fall for these scams, so many will still fall for the bitcoin versions of these scams.

    Scammers are asking their victims to transfer money through Western Union or send cash to a banking account. Surprisingly, avoiding these types of scams is easy enough. Do not trust emails or calls like that, and if you received one, you can verify it with the official contacts of the companies that they claim to be.
    2. Malware
    Malware is definitely a means for online hackers to obtain security passwords required to gain access to personal computer systems or take credit card information or details of your bank account. In this bitcoin era, malware is being used to perform one more well-known Bitcoin fraud. Should your bitcoin wallet be hooked up to the web, they can make use of the malware to obtain entry and deplete your resources if you are not safeguarding your accounts from malware.
    You will come across these malwares in your e mail messages, malicious websites and on social media. There can be a blog post, for instance, in which someone boasts that they have a particular program that permits you to mine Bitcoin at no cost. Download and install and you will get malware programs. If you want to avoid these scams, do not believe in any messages or posts that claims to give free bitcoins. People do not give away bitcoin for free, after all.

Why Star Wars Made Me a Gamer and winner at the game

As I’ve left the heady years of my 20’s behind and have now pushed into the era of responsibility and parenthood that is my 30’s, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that I am no longer the target consumer of today’s video game market. Long gone are the days of the NES and CGA/EGA PC games. Still, here I am – nearly 31, with a career and a family, yet still gaming.

My gaming foundation was the PC platform in the era of the 386 processor, a time when few folks had access to the emerging World Wide Web. Wolfenstien 3D was revolutionizing the PC gaming industry, threatening the joint rule of the point-and-click adventure game and the flight simulator as popularity kings. It was then I met the game that started me on the path of lifelong gaming: 1993’s Star Wars: X-Wing from LucasArts – the video game that truly made me a “gamer”.

I was a Star Wars fan when nobody my age (that I knew, at least) gave Star Wars a second glance. We weren’t old enough to have seen it anywhere but on VHS and we were still four years away from the Special Editions. So when a Star Wars PC game – and a flight sim, no less! – hit the stores, my 11-year-old self was ecstatic. I saw it in the store just after it was released and lusted after it until my birthday months later. I could hardly bear the wait, but soon I had all 5 floppy disks in my hand, installing the game of my dreams. The purchasing of a customized PS4 controller should be under the budget of the person. They can download the controller on the personal computer.

X-Wing was a space combat simulator that had surprising depth for a licensed title – these were different times, before licensed titles began being equated with shovelware. These were the glory days of LucasArts. It put the player in the cockpit of the X-Wing, Y-Wing, and A-Wing starfighters from the Star Wars series, flying varied missions including seek-and-destroy, convoy escorts, and coordinated attacks. Each mission in the three campaigns furthered the storyline, telling the events leading up to the opening scenes of A New Hope.

X-Wing made power management an art – you had a set amount of power you could divide between your offensive weapons, defensive shields, and flight speed. Divert more to the blasters and do more damage, but suffer more in return. Shift all power to the engines to catch a bomber that’s heading for the freighter you’re protecting. Each mission regularly required rapidly diverting power between the systems, even in the middle of a dogfight. The complexity of the various systems you constantly had to manage kept the game both engaging and challenging.

I still play X-Wing with the help of DosBox, a DOS emulator. It doesn’t have the same shine it used to, but the deep gameplay is still there – something that’s hard to find in today’s world of instant saves and button-mashing combos. It holds a special place in my gamer’s heart, and without that experience 19 years ago I would be the gamer dad I am now.

4 Key Considerable Factors to Buy a Dehydrator

Getting a complete value of your investment is determined by many factors and when it comes to food dehydrators, the users say it is going to justify your investment and rather adds more value to it.

With the food dehydrator, you can:

  • Save money that goes for snacks
  • Minimize wastage of food
  • Supply the out-seasons vegetables and fruits
  • Ensure a healthy snacking habit

There are several options available in the market but to choose the best dehydrator, you must know the key factors which will help you in the choosing the most appropriate one.

Heat and Air Flow

It is a simple concept where the food should be consistent in the high temperature to get enough time for reducing the moisture. The heat should be evenly distributed otherwise the food will be partially dehydrated. So, make sure that the heat and air flow remains good in your dehydrator.


No matter how much functionalities it involves, none likes a complicated appliance which is difficult to use. The model you are choosing for your use must be easy to use. Just a plug-in and turn-on knob should be enough to start the system. Too many functionalities can make the use tiresome. The nesco dehydrator is famous for its user-friendliness. You can check out the item.


It is one of the most crucial factors to be considered. Dehydrators are available in various price range and the functionalities differ according to that. You have to choose the best deal where you can find the appliance within your price range with the required functionalities and durability. Research before make your purchase.


Who likes a noisy appliance? It makes us annoyed. The smoother is the function the lesser noise it will make. Keep this in mind and go for the model. It is mentioned in the product detail so ask the manufacturer and ensure this part.

Are you ready? Start your research now.

Gauging If Bitcoin Profit Is A Reliable Trading Bot

As much as possible, you don’t want to lose cash while trading with bitcoin. The problem is, BTC trading naturally involves a lot of risks; hence, you opt using trading bots as a tool. Now, you’ve stumbled upon Bitcoin Profit. And probably, you’ve seen articles about Bitcoin Profit inte vara betrodda because it’s a scam.

But there are reviews saying otherwise on the web too. That’s why you want to know if you really can’t trust Bitcoin Profit, or if it’s really a helpful and legitimate bot.

Truth about Bitcoin Profit Reliability you must know

Bitcoin Profit are one of the most popular BTC trading bots today. It boasts up to 92% success rate, with its 0.1 second response time to BTC signals. Most importantly, it boasts about helping users earn up to $1500 from their capital deposit of $250.

Yes, those sound too good to be true, but such promises are actually supported by tons of positive reviews from Bitcoin Profit users. Even seasoned BTC traders rave about the app on their blogs recently.  And that’s because of the earnings they rake by using it.

However, that’s not to say that Bitcoin Profit is completely risk free. Note that it offers up to 92% success rate, which means there’s a small 8% chance of it failing. Thing is, that’s not because the bot is a scam, but because the volatility risk of bitcoin is just too significant to ignore.

Even the most advance bots cannot completely deal with bitcoin volatility. And small margin of errors don’t necessarily equate to being a scam, right? What these bots can do is act as a tool for traders to use. If you want to drive a nail to the wood, for example, you use a hammer instead of your own hands.

But using a hammer doesn’t completely eliminate the risks of mistakes. You get it. You can reduce the risks involve in using Bitcoin Profit by being a responsible trader, and use the bot with your trading skills. That way, you can optimize its usage for big benefits.

Bitcoin Profit is a reliable BTC trading bot. It’s actually not a scam. Be sure, however, to use it properly for fantastic results.

How to choose the most suitable duffle bag?

Bags are highly useful things as it helps you to carry and store different valuable items safely and easily. There are various types of bags that are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs, but one of the most popular types of bags is duffle bags. The unique name of these bags is based on the name of a city in Belgium, as the material used in these bags used to come from duffle. These bags are in a cylindrical shape, and most people nowadays use it in the gym. You can take a look at the site here to see some of the best duffle bags, but it is difficult to pick one out of them. There are some tips that you can follow to make the right decision.

Most important factors to consider while buying a duffle bag


The primary purpose of a bag is to store clothes and other important things, so you must ensure that the duffle bag has enough space and capacity to store all the important things according to your needs and requirements. You must also see that for what purpose you are buying the bag as if you are buying it for gymming purpose then little space will be enough, but if you want it for traveling purpose, then you must ensure that it has a considerable amount of space so that you can keep all the necessary items in it.

Zipper types and shape

Another vital thing to consider is the type and shape of the zipper as it directly impacts the ease of packing and unpacking the bag. You should prefer a D shaped zipper as they are most durable and easy to open and close. It offers you more space and makes the task of packing and unpacking more convenient for you.


Fish Town FAQ Guide

This is a FAQ guide to Fish Town. In this guide, I will provide you with answers to some of the most asked questions in Fish Town. This guide will answer questions like how to clean your tank, how to get more coins, how to tell how many points you need to the next level, and more. To begin, it would be a good idea for you to load Fish Town and follow along with me. xe88 is a really good website for new players to learn more about Fish town and the tips and tricks that are necessary to master the game.

How Do I Clean My Tank in Fish Town?

If your fish tank is dirty, you will see spots of algae on it. To clean it, all you have to do is select the arrow in your toolbar. Then click the spots of algae and your tank will be cleaned. You will also earn points for cleaning your tank.

How Do I Get More Coins?

You can click the Get More Coins at the top of your game to see your options for getting more coins. On this page, you can purchase more coins. You will need to select the package you want to buy and then select your payment option. Then you can check out.

How Many Points Do I Need to Reach the Next Level?

To find out how many points you need to get to the next level, place your mouse on the level bar. When you place your mouse on the level bar, you will see a small box open. In this box will be two numbers. The first number is letting you know how many points you have. The second number is letting you know how many points you need to get to the next level.

How Do I Take Photos of My Tank?

If you want to take photos of your tank to share with your friends, you will need to click the camera icon at the bottom of your tank. When you click the camera, you will be asked to allow the game to upload photos to your account. You will have to accept all of that and then click the tank to take the photo. You can then share the photo with your friends.

How Do I Turn Off Sounds and Music in My Tank?

At the top of your game, you will see a music icon and a sound icon. Clicking these icons one time will turn the sound and music off. Clicking them again will turn them back on.

How Can I View My Tank in Full Screen?

At the top of your game, you will see an icon with four arrows. If you click that icon, your game will load in full screen. To exit the full screen view, you can press the esc button on your keyboard.

How Do I Visit My Friends in Fish Town?

At the bottom of your game, you will see thumbnails of your friends. You can click the thumbnail of the friend that you want to visit. Your game will then reload and you will be in your friend’s tank.

How Do I Invite Friends to Play Fish Town With Me?

If you want to invite friends to play Fish Town with you, you will need to click the Invite tab at the top of your game. Once the page loads, you can select the friends that you want to invite. Then click the Send button to invite them. If they accept the invitation, you can will be able to see them on your neighbors page. You can then request them as a neighbor.

Pinball FX 2 Review: Xbox Live Arcade

If you happen to be a fan of old school pinball tables you probably fell in love with Pinball FX for Xbox Live Arcade. Released back in 2007, Zen Studio’s game faithfully recreated the look and feel of those old machines, with accurate physics and cool, themed tables. This week, Pinball FX 2 was released, sporting four new tables, improved physics, “full compatibility for Pinball FX owners” and a host of improved online features. Here’s what you should know if you are considering upgrading.

The game itself is much more robust like situs judi online terbaik than its predecessor in that it keeps a track record of your performance across the entire game and compares it with that of your friends. You have a Superscore which is an indication of your overall performance and a Wizard Score that combines the superscores of your friends. The idea here is to form a team to try to beat other groups of pinball wizards. Additionally you can compete against your friends to own the high score for individual tables. You can play in tournaments, hot seat multi-player and split-screen, local multi-player when you have a friend over. The game is constantly giving you feeds with information about how you are doing and how you stack up against your friends. This gives the already addictive pinball formula another layer of competitiveness that keeps you playing.

Each table has its own rule sheet with special modes, missions and goals. The tables are customizable as well, allowing for adjustments of both settings and physical elements on the table such as bumpers and targets. One really cool feature is that you can import all of your Pinball FX tables into Pinball FX 2, playing them with the updated physics engine, graphical overhaul and new achievements. This is also where the Marketplace can be a little decieving.

If you look at the Marketplace screen for Pinball FX 2 and you already own Pinball FX, it will tell you that the download for the full version of Pinball FX 2 is free. This is not entirely true. You can download the upgraded Pinball FX engine and import your old tables, but to play the four new tables you’ll still have to shell out the 800 Microsoft Points. The price is fine and this results in a free update for Pinball FX owners, it’s just a little unclear in how its presented on the Marketplace and some gamers who think they are getting a deal for having purchased the original game may be disappointed. It’s best to know this upfront.

As of right now there are also a bunch of other tables you can grab for 200 points each and Zen Studios plans to release more down the road. At the game’s main menu you can easily see and select from all your tables. The tables themselves are beautifully rendered and have perfectly recreated sound effects. They really make you feel like you are back in one of the old arcades.

If you are a pinball aficionado who longs for the days when pinball tables were a thing that actually existed, you should take a look at Pinball FX 2.