Smart Tips In Keeping Your Server Room Clean

If you have a server room in your office, it is important that you keep it clean. Keeping the server room free from dust, dirt and other particles is a very important part of maintaining your data center. If you don’t keep the data center clean, your expensive and sensitive server equipment can easily be damaged by dust and other particles. This could result in serious problems such as data loss, media failures or even operating system failures in severe cases.

When you are planning or designing your server room, you must include a schedule for cleaning it on a regular basis. Depending on the size of the room and the number of servers in it, you can plan for quarterly or even more frequent cleaning. Regular cleaning of your data center would help in keeping your servers in optimal shape and cutting down the repair and maintenance costs substantially. Of course the cleaning service will require an investment, but the returns would far exceed your investment.

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Cleaning the server room requires a lot of expertise which is why it should be outsourced to professional cleaning services. You should never get your servers cleaned by inexperienced personal as it can result in damage to your expensive equipment. The professional cleaning services have a lot of experience and expertise on how to clean data centers without causing an outage or damage to server equipment.

How to choose a server room cleaning service?

When you are outsourcing the server room cleaning to professional people, make sure that you give the job to the best people. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best server room cleaning service provider:

– Before you have employ any service, make sure to as for references. You must ensure that the cleaning service has worked in environments that are similar to your data center. Finally you must also make sure that the service is capable of cleaning the kind of equipment that is present in your server room.

– Make sure that the company is insured out for the damages that they cause during cleaning process. This way you will be cowered in case there is some accident.

– You must also check the credentials and experience of the actual cleaning crew. After all they would be handling the expensive equipment present in your server room so you must ensure that they are properly trained and certified.

– You must also ask for the review of their cleaning methods. Make sure that they use methods and chemicals that are safe for the equipment that you have in your server room.

– Make sure that you explain your expectations very clearly to the cleaning professionals. Prepare a list of do’s and don’ts regarding moving the equipments, the server equipment that requires cleaning, data sensitive environments etc. so that there are no accidents or access violations. If there are some areas in your server room that are off-limits, make sure you explain it to them.

How To Avoid Being Scammed By These Common Bitcoin Frauds

  • Classic frauds
    These are called classic frauds because they are using one of the classic forms of scamming. This involves someone cold calling or emailing people, asking them to send money in exchange for bitcoin investments, very similar to the classic scam of someone claiming to be an agent of the IRS, asking you to pay delinquent taxes. People still fall for these scams, so many will still fall for the bitcoin versions of these scams.

    Scammers are asking their victims to transfer money through Western Union or send cash to a banking account. Surprisingly, avoiding these types of scams is easy enough. Do not trust emails or calls like that, and if you received one, you can verify it with the official contacts of the companies that they claim to be.
    2. Malware
    Malware is definitely a means for online hackers to obtain security passwords required to gain access to personal computer systems or take credit card information or details of your bank account. In this bitcoin era, malware is being used to perform one more well-known Bitcoin fraud. Should your bitcoin wallet be hooked up to the web, they can make use of the malware to obtain entry and deplete your resources if you are not safeguarding your accounts from malware.
    You will come across these malwares in your e mail messages, malicious websites and on social media. There can be a blog post, for instance, in which someone boasts that they have a particular program that permits you to mine Bitcoin at no cost. Download and install and you will get malware programs. If you want to avoid these scams, do not believe in any messages or posts that claims to give free bitcoins. People do not give away bitcoin for free, after all.