The Must-Have Tools For Marketing In Social Media

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, social media is now already a big part of your life. For normal people, it is usually used for entertainment. On the other hand, it is a part of their marketing strategy routines.

Social media marketing requires a lot of time, effort, and money. Fortunately, there are now tools that you can use to help you with social media marketing.

  • Buffer

This app specializes in managing your social media accounts or pages. It was originally just a tool for Twitter, but it now supports all of the major platforms. It lets you schedule your posts, gives access to analytics for performance tracker, and so on. Truly a time-saving app for social media managers.

  • Google Alerts

This program is very effective in making you aware of what are the current happenings around you. It will help you set the keywords being used, give alerts for your company’s competitor, and track of how relevant currently you are in the social media world.


A more efficient and cheaper way in social media marketing is by automation. With that, you can say hello to “If This, Then That” or also known as IFTTT. An automation tool that does everything you want automatically by setting up rules that will trigger an action.

  • Keyhole

Hashtags and keywords are essential in social media. With these two, you can easily gain Facebook page likes, buy real Instagram followers, and also Twitter mentions. Keyhole analyzes the currently used keywords and hashtags, and give you options or suggestions on how you can create a perfect strategy using those keywords and hashtags.

As social media and technology continue to evolve, these tools also evolve along with those two. It’s great because you can use it to gain an edge over your competitors, but remember that not all of those tools are relevant and useful for your brand so be sure to choose the right tool and utilize it properly.