Some Fun Facts About Pokemon Go

If you are looking for ways to be entertained, then one of the easiest go-to activities would be playing around with your phone. One of the most popular games in early 2016 is no other than Pokemon Go. As a matter of fact, sites like steem it, and even other mainstream news sites have been discussing it. What exactly makes this game the phenomenon that it is? Below are some fun facts about the game and why a lot have been left hooked, and maybe even reasons why if you have not yet tried the game, you should.

The Reputation

The Pokemon brand has been around for decades, with their set of games adapted to several consoles. Digital Natives, or the kids, have grown to love the game, and it is also one which allows you to do the liberties of the traditional console version of it. Almost everyone who has played console games, whether in their old age, or when they were younger have heard about Pokemon, and playing the game is deemed as the best thing to do whenever it’s break time.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality seems to bridge the divide between the real world and the virtual world. AR, or Augmented Reality is something that has been used extensively in Pokemon Go, with the game incorporating virtual characters into the real world. In playing Pokemon Go, people have to really get out of their computer screens and explore fields and go outdoors rather than just move the cursor around to play the game. This has been met with so much fascination among players, and has even been promoted by some people as some form of exercise, as you really do have to walk around if you want to get the best chances at getting good Pokemon.