Cardboard Packaging Terminologies To Learn

We know that cardboard packagings are important in our society today. Not only do they serve as containers, but they can also be used on a lot of different uses that can make our lives easier and more comfortable.

However, most of us don’t know some of the terminologies that go around these cardboard packaging.

Fortunately, you’ve found this article because that’s what we’re going to discuss about here.

Heat Seal

Heat Seal is a sealing method which joins or seals two surfaces together. However, there are also times when these are used to seal three or even more surfaces together. What’s great about this is that it makes use of heat, and heat being capable of joining two same materials together can be a huge benefit to the overall production method.


Polyethylene is one of the most commonly used plastic types in our modern world. They are tough, durable, translucent, and has a waxy solid surface that isn’t affected by water or any chemicals. There are three kinds of polyethylene, they’re low, medium, and high density.

Sheet Plant Association

A Sheet Plant Association is an association which functions to promote the best methods and practices in its member companies that produce cardboard boxes. Members of these associations can then join model initiatives and activities.

Folding Carton

A folding carton is a carton that’s made from paperboard. This can be printed on, laminated, folded, or even glued and cut or transported to nearby locations. Examples of these are cereal boxes and custom paper bags.


A distributor or distributors are an agent or agents that supply merchandise or goods to another retailer, such as the case with cardboard packagings. They don’t necessarily make the goods, though.